You may apply for Naturalization when you meet all the requirements for U.S. citizenship.  At American Law Center, we help you determine whether you are eligible for Naturalization, especially if you have a criminal record or have previously been in removal proceedings.


Derivative Citizenship

Under certain circumstances, a child born outside the U.S. may become a U.S. citizen as a matter of law by virtue of his parent(s)’s birth in the U.S. or naturalization.  These cases are extremely complex and fact-specific, but our office can help you determine your eligibility for this relief during our consultation.

Our office has successfully litigated numerous derivative citizenship cases.  Prior to retaining our firm, these individuals thought they had no relief to remain in the United States due to their convictions for aggravated felony.  Their families had consulted with numerous immigration attorneys who failed to delve into the clients family history in order to avail them of this relief.

Recent victory under derivative citizenship:

Respondent, native and citizen of Mexico, was convicted of an aggravated felony- conspiracy to sell drugs- and sentenced to 10 years in state prison.  A year prior to completing his term, our office was contacted by his family members to determine whether Respondent had any immigration relief.  After an extensive consultation, our office determined that Respondent was a derivative citizen because of his Grandmother’s birth in the U.S.

Our office immediately gathered all relevant documentation, and filed for his Naturalization in 2010.  Immigration officers misplaced Respondent’s file, but our office was able to trace the money order used to pay for the application to prove that in fact it was cashed by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services office at Los Angeles five days after the application was filed.

Ms. Arzani made several trips to Los Angeles to locate Respondent’s file. Since Respondent was incarcerated in Texas, a request was made to transfer his file to Texas.

Due to the complexity of this case, it took some time before Respondent’s N-600 application was approved.  Respondent’s application was approved prior to his release from state prison.  Therefore, Respondent was immediately released after serving his time, and not placed on immigration hold.
This case is a prime example of the issues with unraveling government bureaucracies and procedures, as well as, hiring a competent, experienced attorney that looks for all avenues of relief beyond the face of what is immediately apparent.  At a first glance, Respondent had absolutely no relief, but a more in depth analysis revealed that Respondent was a derivative citizen given his grandmother’s birth in the U.S.

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