Approval Rates

American Law Center is pleased to announce its current approval rates as of:

Approval Rates for Cases in Removal Proceedings:

Success rates are not meant to nor do they guarantee a successful outcome or result in your case, as every case is different. It is unethical and illegal for any Attorney to guarantee a positive result. At ALC Attorney Arzani will provide you with her legal opinion as to what the strengths and weaknesses of your case are and her belief on how successful you may be. She cannot nor will she ever “guarantee” a positive outcome or result. Our approval rates are based on clients that do not pick up additional charges or convictions after retaining our office.  The approval rates do not apply to those individuals who are otherwise ineligible for the relief sought.

*Approval rate is for individuals who brought our office all the required documents.

**Denied waiver petition overseas in Honduras was for an Applicant who was arrested for forgery, had negative contact with local and federal law enforcement, had a previous deportation after having entered illegally, a second apprehension by immigration officials, and a second removal.  Additionally, Applicant was arrested for child endangerment, assault with a deadly weapon, and kidnapping.  Although our office submitted voluminous documentation depicting the hardship Applicant’s family faced, Applicant was denied because the equities listed were acquired after he was ordered deported. Applicant and his wife both suffer from a bi-polar disorder, and the denial addressed the fact that Applicant was/is emotionally unstable, and thus failed to demonstrated how he would relieve the emotional hardship on his wife.

***The one case that was not approved for a U visa was because our client picked up a Grand Theft conviction which affected his good moral character.  We are in the process of seeking alternative relief for him.  Will keep our site posted with his relief and the final decision.

Our office’s second denied waiver petition overseas was due to the Applicant having two illegal entries into the United States making him ineligible for a waiver.  Applicant failed to disclose his illegal entries to our office at the time of filing the application.

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